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Accelera Omikron AT 285/60R18 116H BSW

Rims Not Included

  • MFG: 1200040962
  • UTQG: 600AA
  • Mileage Warranty: 35000 miles
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This listing is for new Accelera Omikron AT 285/60R18 116H BSW Tires. Manufacturer part number: 1200040962. The Accelera Omikron AT is an all terrain tire designed for light trucks, SUVs and CUVs. Designed with interlocked center and intermediate blocks, the tires style assures driving comfort on the highway.Featuring enhanced traction on off-road surfaces, the Omikron AT features block stepped edges and Z-shaped sides to provide excellent cornering and prevent irregular wear.
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Mileage Warranty: 35000
Sidewall BSW
Describes the sidewall appearance. Examples: BSW= Black Side Wall, WSW = White Side Wall OWL = Outlined White Letters.
Speed Rating H
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Load Range/Ply Rating Not Available
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Manufacturer Part Number 1200040962 Manufacturer part number (sku)


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Size Load Index/ Speed index UTQG Load Range/Ply Rating Overall Diameter Section Width Rim Width Min Rim Width Max Rim Width Meas Tread Depth (in) Max Single Air Pressure (PSI) Max Single Load (lbs) Max Dual Air Pressure (PSI) Max Dual Load (lbs) MFG #
LT235/70R15 114/110Q - E/10PLY 28.0 12.0 - - 7.0 12.0 80 2601 80 2337 1200040773
LT235/75R15 116/113Q - E/10PLY 28.9 12.0 - - 6.5 12.0 80 2756 80 2535 1200040963
LT235/85R16 120/116Q - E/10PLY 31.7 13.2 - - 6.5 13.2 80 3086 80 2756 1200031875
LT245/75R16 120/116Q - E/10PLY 30.5 13.6 - - 7.0 13.6 80 3086 80 2756 1200031874
265/50R20 111S 600AA 30.5 11.9 - - 8.5 11.9 51 2403 - - 1200037354
265/60R18 110H 600AA 30.5 11.8 - - 8.0 11.8 51 2337 - - 1200039942
LT265/70R17 121/118Q - E/10PLY 31.7 13.4 - - 8.0 13.4 80 3197 80 2910 1200034466
LT265/75R16 123/120Q - E/10PLY 31.7 13.4 - - 7.5 13.4 80 3417 80 3086 1200031873
285/40R22 110H 600AA 31.0 12.3 - - 10.0 12.3 51 2337 - - 1200042548
285/50R20 112H 600AA 31.3 12.7 - - 9.0 12.7 51 2469 - - 1200039527
285/60R18 116H 600AA 31.5 10.3 - - 8.5 10.3 51 2756 - - 1200040962