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Bias Ply Trailer Tires

How to find cheap bias tires? 1) Browse our huge selection of bias-ply trailer tires for the best tire prices. 2) check out the tire reviews 3) pick the best tire for your specific trailer use. Here is more information on what to consider when buying bias-ply trailer tires online.

Heavy Duty Towing - Bias-ply tire design pre-dates radial tires by several decades. While it is an older technology there are many trailer uses where you may be better served with a bias-ply tire instead of a radial tire. An example is very heavy-duty applications in areas where there is a risk of frequent tire damage. For example, a trailer tire that is used exclusively in an urban environment where the trailer tires bump against the curbs. Hitting the curb can damage a radial tire, but a bias ply tire has a thicker sidewall and layers of nylon plies under the rubber to protect the tire more. Another example where bias-ply tires may make sense is on trailers that are used infrequently, like a boat trailer or utility trailer. If used only a few times a year, Bias ply tires may be a better option because they are generally cheaper, but still very durable. Remember that you can always replace a bias-ply tire with a radial tire, but you should never replace a radial tire with a bias-ply tire. If the trailer is designed for radial tires, it is best to stay with that type of tire for optimal performance and towing safety.


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