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Best Prices on  Falken Sincera Touring SN211

Falken Sincera Touring SN211
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The Falken Sincera Touring SN211 tire was designed for long tread-life, comfort and all-season traction at a low price. Compared to other premium brands the SN211 offers long mileage and gets good reviews for comfortable ride.  The long mileage is thanks to a hard compound along with a variable sipe depth design, which helps to maximize tire life. The Falken Sincera Touring SN211 even has an innovative way to help you get the most wear out of your tires. Small raised ribs in the grooves on the inside and outside of the tire on which wear rate can be easily compared. These wear indicators can help you, or your mechanic in identifying uneven wear and proper tire rotation timing.

The Falken Sincera SN211 also has a stylish tread pattern and sport inspired appearance to enhance the look of your vehicle. It is available in a wide range of original equipment sizes from 14-inch to 18-inch with a T speed rating.

Falken, Sincera Touring SN211

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