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The Firestone Super Traction Loader tire is designed for, and ideally suited for industrial compaction equipment. The overlapping tread bar and low-profile sidewall design provides good traction and resistance to the high scrub and sharp turning nature of compaction work. The lower profile means less flexing of the sidewall as the tire twists. Since the twisting force of sharp turns and maneuvers is a common cause of tire failure at compaction sites, the lower profile is key to tire longevity.

In addition to resistance to high scrub and short radius turning, an industrial compaction tire needs to be reinforced for protection against debris common in compaction sites, particularly sanitation, recycling, or scrap yards. The Firestone Super Traction Loader meets this challenge with super heavy duty and thick bias-ply sidewalls that are very difficult to cut or penetrate. All this contributes to keeping your compaction equipment operating at peak efficiency.

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