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Firestone Winterforce UV
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The Firestone Winterforce UV tire is the ideal winter tire for light trucks and SUV's for deep snow traction, grip on icy roads or in heavy rain. The Firestone Winterforce tire continues Firestone Tire's legacy for dependable winter tires that offer both confidence inspiring grip and extraordinary value.

The Firestone Winterforce UV tire has a directional tread pattern with tread blocks covered in a large number of sipes.  These small cuts in the tread blocks are three dimensional, and represent Firestone/Bridgestone’s latest technology. Three dimensional, zig-zag sipes make the tire more stable because the block elements interlock when cornering. This feature provides better handling and grip on snow, wet and ice traction.

The Firestone Winterforce UV tire has the mountain/snowflake symbol for severe snow service.

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