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Grenlander L-Comfort 68 Tires



Grenlander L-Comfort 68
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The Grenlander L-Comfort 68 tire is an economical all-season performance tire for great traction on dry and wet roads, and limited ice and snow traction. This tire has wide circumferential grooves to evacuate water from under the tread to reduce the chance of hydroplaning. For grip on colder roads, and light snow, sipes, or cuts in the circumferential tread ribs provide more biting edges. The Grenlander L-Comfort 68 provides a particularly comfortable ride thanks to an added layer of rubber under the tread to absorb shock and vibration from road irregularities. The sizes come in a range of speed ratings. Remember to check the speed rating on the tires to be replaced. The speed rating of the replacement tires should be equal or greater.

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