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Groundspeed Voyager SV Tires



Groundspeed Voyager SV

Groundspeed Voyager SV is an all-season highway crossover and SUV tire that offers luxury and performance at highway speeds. The tire features Stable Shoulder Design that gives a driver the contact patch needed for sure cornering and stability. Solid continuous center rib ensures straight-line driving stability with just enough siping to further improve high-speed performance. Voyager SV’s design of Grip Optimized Grooves delivers extra gripping ability, more control, and better braking performance, while wide circumferential grooves assist with water evacuation from the tire’s tread for great handling and cornering on wet pavement. As speed-rated tires, Groundspeed Voyager SV’s Enhanced Stability Tread feature made specifically for faster speed conditions and confident performance in both wet and dry weather.

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