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Hankook Ventus AS RH07 Tires

Hankook Tires

The Hankook Ventus AS RH07 tire is designed for SUV's and crossovers to handle all types of weather, giving you year-round security, handling and driving enjoyment. This economy priced Hankook tire features a symmetric tread designed to promote a smooth ride as well as low noise levels. The tread pattern also allows for water to escape from under the tire in heavy rain and flooding conditions for greater safety for you in your SUV or CUV.  

The internal construction of the Ventus AS RH07 tire is duel fabric plies and two steel belts reinforced by a nylon cap ply that is tightly would around the belts to ensure the maintain the integrity of the casing, and to stabilize the tread for much improved handling and cornering performance.

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  • UTQG: 420AA
  • Mileage Warranty: 65K miles
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$ 158.30
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