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Nokian WRG2

Nokian WRG2
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The Nokian WRG2 tire is an asymetrical all-weather tire. This is a new category of winter tires with more snow traction than you get from All-Season tires. With the Nokian WRG2 tire you get the ride comfort, long-tread-life, dry, wet and cold weather performance of an all-season tire, but with a little more siping and design elements for snow and ice traction. The asymmetrical inside-out tread pattern increases overall performance of the tire across a wider range of conditions because each area of the tread is focussed on a specific road or driving condition.

Nokian Tires pioneered the all-weather tire category with the WR class of tires. The Nokian WRG2 tire comes in sizes for all types of vehicles, and meets the Rubber Manufacturers of America, and the Tire & Rubber Association of Canada's Severe Snow Service requirements. Most sizes are branded with the Industry's mountain/snowflake symbol. An excellent option to a pure snow tire if you live in a climate that does not get a lot of snowfall.


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