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Pirelli P Zero PZC4 Corsa Tires



Pirelli Tires

The Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Corsa has all the features of the P Zero PZ4, except with even more extreme levels of ultra-high performance.  The Corsa versions of the PZ4 are customized specifially for the target vehicle fitments like Porsche, Lamborgini, Ferrari and Audi Supercars.

Extreme levels of handling in all situations is what the Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Corsa provides.  The P Zero™ Corsa System is a concept that combines directional tires on the front axle, and asymmetric tires on the rear axle in a staggered fitment set up.  For square fitments (same size tire in all four wheel positions), the asymmetric tire should be used.  Having tread designs customized for the front and back takes performance and styling to a whole new level, particularly since this concept was first proposed and tuned with the supercar manufacturers for both road and track use. The specialized structure of these tires gives them better stability at high speed and while cornering. The directional tread pattern (for the front) incorporates longitudinal grooves that expel water from the contact patch, benefitting steering precision. The asymmetric design (for the rear) improves the handling, thanks to an ample contact patch and increased rigidity.

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