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Roadmaster RM258 WD Tires

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Roadmaster RM258 WD is an open shoulder M+S rated regional drive tire made for pick-up and delivery trucks. This tire features lateral and circumferential grooves that help to effectively evacuate water and slush out of the tire’s tread and reduce the aquaplaning risk. Its full-depth 3D siping technology locks the tread blocks together and promotes excellent gripping ability that improves traction and stability in challenging weather conditions. The stone ejectors in the tread grooves are designed to protect the casing from stone damage and punctures. The open shoulder design with notches in shoulder lugs provides more traction, while the tie-bars help prevent heel-toe wear. Roadmaster RM258 WD is Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rated, which indicates that this tire meets the industry snow performance requirements and is certified to perform in severe winter weather conditions.

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