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Looking for the best Sigma tire deals? Check out our selection of Sigma tires, and buy online for the best prices shipped direct to your door. Important information to consider when buying Sigma tires is they are sourced from various tire factories around the world, but all to exacting standards according to the needs of the North American market. This means the products are reliable and can be trusted for whatever application you are buying for. Sigma offers a variety of passenger car, SUV and light truck tires for a wide range of driver’s needs and demands. For example, if you drive a SUV, we recommend the Mirada Crosstour SLX as it has modern technologies like silica based tread compounds for no compromises in performance aspects like long-wear and wet traction. If you drive a sedan, and are looking for a tire that is going to give you a little more bang for your buck, consider the Regent Touring LS. Excellent value for the money. For those who like to go off-roading, live in places with extreme weather conditions, or just want the look of an aggressive light truck tire, the Sigma Mud Claw Radial M/T may be for you. It has big tread lugs and reinforced sidewalls in outlined white letter and black sidewall options. Off-road enthusiasts love this tire for its traction on muddy trails, its grip in loose gravel and its pulling power in deep sand. Like all the Sigma tires, it is a super versatile tire, at a great price that may surprise you.

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