Laufenn Tire Rebate 2021

Laufenn Spring 2021 rebate is here! Receive $40 back via a prepaid Mastercard when you purchase a set of 4 new Laufenn Tires. Offer valid March 19th - May 8th, 2021. Purchase your tires, submit your receipt to Laufenn Tires at that link below and they will send you Hankook Prepaid Mastercard. This is not an instant rebate. Rebate submissions must be submitted online 60 days from purchase date. Rebate payment information will be sent via email within 2-4 weeks of receipt. 

$40 Rebate  


Once you purchase your tires you can submit your rebate information by clicking on the link below. For any questions on the Laufenn, please call 855-324-0075 or email at Please take note of the date of the rebate before submitting.

To submit your rebate, please click here.

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