45 Day Tire Return Policy

We will accept returns up to 45 days after delivery of the tires. If you are not happy with the tires for any reason, return them to us for a full refund and the shipping is on us. Exclusions apply, see below for details.

Contact our Customer Service department to initiate a return. Please call 1-833-885-8575 or send an email to Do not return any tires directly to our office, as they will not be accepted without a proper return authorization from Customer Service.  

 What Isn't Covered

1. Tires that become unserviceable due to:
A.  Conditions resulting from road hazards, such as (a) impact damage, (b) cuts, (c) snags, or (d) punctures.
B.  Conditions such as, but not limited to rapid or irregular tread wear resulting from (a) improper installation, (b) wheel misalignment, (c) tire/wheel assembly imbalance, (d) use of an improper rim, (e) improper mounting or dismounting or (f) misapplication.
C.  Conditions resulting from consumer damage, such as (a) improper tire and vehicle maintenance, (b) misuse, (c) abuse, (d) accident, (e) under-inflation, (f) over-loading and (g) over-inflation.
D. Damage of the tire during installation or removal from the rim (ie torn beads).
2. Use in any off-road applications.
3. Racing / Competition tires that are in any condition other than new.
4. Tires that are:
A.  Worn unevenly and/or show a difference of 2/32” (1.6mm) between the grooves.
B.  Altered in any manner (additional siping, buffing, stud pin holes, re-grooving, truing, etc.).
5. Giga-tires will not reimburse any additional costs for mounting, balancing or removing the tires from the wheels. 
Manufacturer's Warranties
Warranty by the manufacturer is extended to the purchaser on all tires sold by Warranty details can be found at the manufacturer's websites. Tires returned for defects are subject only to the warranty and warranty process of the manufacturer of that tire. Our direct customers can only file product warranty claims. In so far as we are insured against damage claims, we may pass on any resulting insurance claim to the client.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I return tires?

We have a 45 day return policy on our tires. As long as they are not damaged you can return them for a refund. Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-833-885-8575 or at to get the return started.

2. How many days it takes for a refund?

It all depends on the situation for the refund. Typically refunds are processed within 48 hours of receipt of the tires back to our warehouse.

4. Return labels, how to use them?

You will receive the FedEx return labels via email. Once you receive the email, please print the label(s), remove all the old FedEx labels, attach the new label(s) to the tire(s) and then drop it/them off at your local FedEx office. Please make sure to obtain a drop off receipt for your records.