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What are the Best MT tires for Driving on the Street?

Kanati Mud Hog tires have an extreme tread design with a great balance of off-road traction and road ride and comfort. Also, the  tread rubber is special designed to resist wear on all types of surfaces, including pavement. This means long tread-life for people that use their Jeep or pickup truck exclusively on the highway or city streets.

What Makes a MT Tire Good on the Street?

The secret to an aggressive mud tire lasting a long time when driving only on paved roads is the tread rubber and the tread design.  Mud Tires have wide spaces between the tread blocks. This means good water and mud evacuation on the street or off-road, but it can be hard on the tread rubber. Lesser tires will wear out too fast, but the Kanati Mud Hog has durable rubber to resist irregular on the tread blocks.

Customer Reviews for the Kanati Mud Hog Tire

Kanati Mud Hog Tire, Best Mud tire for the street

"The tires overall are amazing, and for a really cheap price” - Luis Hernandez

“Really enjoy the tires. Works well.  Affordable Tires at last.” - Rider

“These tires make my FJ Cruiser look 10 times better! So far the quality is unreal”  - Ben Thompson

“Great tire for the price.  They wear evenly. Not noisy or rough on the roadways.  I will buy again” - Amanda G

Are Federal Couragia M/T Good Tires for Driving on the Street?

The answer is yes! Federal Couragia have the aggressive tread design and excellent off-road, but with a unique incremental block edge and special tread compound to create a good on-road ride.

How Much Should I Pay for Good MT Tires?

The price of MT tires varies greatly according to the size. In part, this is because the tires are so large and lot more material goes into making a 37 inch mudder vs  a small 31X10.50R15. The Federal Couragia M/T tires range from under $100 for a smaller size to + $250 for the largest size for lifted Jeeps and full size pick up trucks. 

How is the Quality of Federal Tires? 

With Federal tires you don’t sacrifice performance for cheap price.  It has reinforced rubber compounds, for mileage on the street, while preventing cuts, chips and abrasions when off-road.   The strengthened shoulder provides for excellent off-road traction and protection from off-road impact. Finally, the optimized block tread pattern quickly sheds dirt, sand and gravel.

Customer Reviews for the Federal Couragia M/T

Federal Couragia MT Tire, Good Mud Tire for driving on the street

“For the price and speed of service this has been a fantastic tire. The tire itself has a surprisingly good road manners for the tread pattern and it being a mud tire”  - JL Joiner

“Had them for years. These are great, half the cost.” - Tony Ruth

“The tire I ordered, arrived on time.  Looked nationwide and couldn’t find a better price” - Danno

“Great tire.  Good price. So far so good”  - Wingnut8466

“I’m very happy with my tires, they were great! Not to mention the price!” - J.J. Leo

Are Mud Claw Extreme M/T tires any Good?

Our customers think so! The Mud Claw Extreme M/T is a quality, inexpensive tire for any off roading activities. The big tread lugs and upper shoulder block features adds the aggressive off-road look that truck and Jeep owners love. It’s quiet on the highway despite the aggressive tread pattern.  

Why Buy Mud Claw Extreme M/T tires?

The Mud Claw Extreme M/T has plenty of features and benefits usually found in much more expensive tires. For example, the tread had large center lugs with off-set shoulder lugs for pulling power and lateral stability. The high void tread design means fast and efficient mud, water and slush evacuation. The reinforced casing and durable rubber protects the sidewall and tread from chipping and pre-mature wear-out even when driven exclusively on the streets.

Customer Reviews of Mud Claw Extreme M/T tires>

Mud Claw Extreme MT tire, Good Mud tire for driving on the street and off-road

“I use these tires daily to go to work, and they’re not too noisy.  Where they shine is off the paved roads. They get lots of grip in snow and mud, just work really well driving off the main paved roads” - Bret

“Very pleased with the price and the tire.  Tires grip well in sand, and mud.” - Fred Paz

“They look awesome! Very aggressive tread and clean look.” - Rob S.


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