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How To Buy Cheap Tires Online?

Buying tires online is becoming more and more popular because it is more convenient than going to a garage or tire shop, and it empowers you to decide which tires you want according to your budget. The first step is to know your tire size. Once you know your tire size, there are 6 easy steps to getting a great deal on new tires!


  1. Input your tire size (section width, aspect ratio and wheel diameter) into the tire finder on your preferred tire website. features an easy-to-use tire finder that makes the process of finding tires painless! You can filter on brand or model name, as well as category or type of tire.
  2. Input your zip code where you’d like your tires shipped to calculate the price of shipping and how long they’ll take to arrive.
  3. Click “view tires” and browse the different options. When you’re ready to buy, add the item to your cart, apply any coupons, and checkout.
  4. Enter a billing address, shipping address, contact info and then your payment method. Giga-tires now offers “Affirm” financing and “PayPal” payment methods, as well all major credit cards.
  5.  After buying your tires, make sure to sign up for the newsletter, as well as registering your tires to ensure that you’re notified in the unlikely event of a tire manufacturer safety-related recall.
  6. Track you package on to know precisely when your tires will be delivered. uses FedEx Ground. You will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number and a time-in-transit estimate as soon as they are picked up at the warehouse.

Now that your tires are in-route, you can call around or research local garages that will give you a fair price on installation. You can make an appointment or show up at your convenience, for a fast and hassle free tire buying experience.

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