A Buyer’s Guide to Iris Tires

A Buyer’s Guide to Iris Tires

Iris tires are relatively new to the industry – yet the brand has brought a lot of great innovation to the field in less than two decades. Iris is well-known for integrating the best of European tire technology with international standards. We’ll tell you now that these tires are extremely well-priced for the value they provide.

You don’t need to spend a lot to purchase a quality tire for your vehicle. Iris tires are a perfect example of this – as they are a budget-friendly brand that provides an exceptional driving experience.

Iris Tires: Tires Designed for Comfort

Iris Tires was founded in 2004 by the Algerian manufacturing company Eurl Saterex. It is the number one selling tire brand in Algeria and the third-leading seller in Africa. They have since expanded into the European and American markets. They intend to compete with Chinese tire companies based on price without compromising on overall quality.

Iris Tires are all produced in Algeria – and all of their models are made to match both European and American safety standards. Iris Tires prides itself on utilizing state-of-the-art machinery in their new plant that was constructed in 2019.

All of their tires are designed and created with cutting-edge technology from Europe to ensure all tire models meet the highest standards.

Are Iris Tires Good?

While customer ratings speak for themselves, you can rest assured that Iris tires are just as well-designed if not better than other tires in the same price range. The manufacturers have implemented over 320 control points during production to make sure that each and every tire is compliant with international safety and design standards.

All Iris tires undergo thorough testing to measure their performance on various types of terrain. They are also tested for braking ability, efficiency, noise, wear, and fuel efficiency.
This company’s commitment to creating a premium tire at an affordable price is truly remarkable, and the Iris tires reviews show that customers love them, too.

What Vehicle Types are Best Matches for Iris Tires?

The two types of Iris tires available at Giga Tires are made for sedans, coupe-style vehicles, and CUVs. Both of these tires have been designed with lower rolling resistance and vibration absorption for a quiet, comfortable ride. These passenger tires are designed for paved roads and highway driving – in both wet and dry conditions.

Giga Tire’s Picks

Iris Ecoris Tires

Iris Ecoris Tires
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The Iris Ecoris tires are a top choice for smaller economy vehicles as they provide superior fuel efficiency and savings. This tire is perfect for highway driving and has an H Speed rating for up to 130 miles per hour – or 210 kilometers per hour.
This tire features wide grooves to prevent hydroplaning by pushing water out of alternating sipes on the outer edges. The groove pattern and sipe placement promote superior traction to give the driver better control.


  • Engineered for low rolling resistance.
  • 3 wide grooves for water evacuation.
  • Alternative sipe and groove pattern for added traction.


Iris Ecoris tires are available in a range of sizes for passenger vehicles through Giga Tires at prices starting at just $25.85 per tire.

Iris Sefar Tires

Iris Sefar Tires
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The Iris Sefar tires are an excellent touring style option for coupes and sedans. These touring tires are designed to provide an exceptionally quiet, smooth ride with exceptional handling capabilities.

Iris Sefar tires have been engineered with unique multi-angled grooves throughout the tread pattern to improve traction, particularly on wet roads. This model also features a low rolling resistance which improves fuel economy.

  • W Speed rating (168mph or 270 kmph).
  • Three wide circumferential grooves for water evacuation.
  • Designed for fuel efficiency and long mileage.You can purchase the Iris Sefar tires through Giga Tires for as low as $32.33 per tire.

Over to You

Although the Iris Tires brand is relatively new to the American market, it is an excellent option that ranks up there with other highly-rated budget brands. All of their models meet the strictest safety standards and each has been meticulously designed and tested for ultimate performance.

If you are in the market for new passenger or touring tires for your vehicle, consider purchasing Iris tires. Their low prices will fit any budget – but you won’t need to compromise on performance or design thanks to the company’s commitment to creating quality tires.
If you want to learn more about Iris tires or need to place an order, contact Giga Tires. Our team of experts will help you find the exact model and size to fit your vehicle.