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Best Trailer Tires: Choosing the Top 5 Radial and Bias Trailer Tires

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Trailer Tires for Your Needs

Best Trailer tires are an essential investment. What you are hauling in or on your trailer is likely valuable, so you must ensure you have the best tires possible. When picking out a trailer tire, you want to be positive that you make the correct choice.

You must be sure that your replacement tire is the right size and has sufficient carrying capacity for the maximum load rating for the trailer. Choosing the right trailer tire will extend the tire’s life and keep your load safe.

Trailer tires are specifically designed for “free-rolling axles”, meaning they do not control direction and are intended to follow easily behind the tow vehicle. They must be sturdy enough for heavy loads and resist heat build-up and tread wear, but they don’t need aggressive traction like the tires your tow vehicle might need.

For this reason, trailer tires typically have ribbed treads with circumferential grooves. The tread pattern aids in low rolling resistance and keeps the tires freely rolling in the direction the trailer is being towed while quickly dispersing heat.

Types of trailer tires

There are essentially two types of trailer tires to choose from:

  1. Radial tires
  2. Bias tires.

The primary difference between the two is the construction method used to manufacture them.

Radial tires are made with steel belts that run at a 90-degree angle from the tread centre line. This results in a much stricter construction that will maintain its shape, even when towing heavy loads.

Bias tires, on the other hand, use nylon belts that are placed at 30 to 40-degree angles from the tread centre line, forming a woven pattern underneath the tread. This makes the Bias tire stiffer and less pliable with a thicker, more damage-resistant sidewall.

Which Tire Should You Choose?

Well, it depends on the trailer, the frequency of usage, the terrain you intend to drive on, and the distances you typically drive in one trip. You must first assess your driving situation if you want the best trailer tires for heavy loads.

A radial tire has a longer tread life and generates less heat, making it a better choice for extended trips or frequent use. Radial tires are also a little bit more flexible and shock-absorbing.

Bias tires are typically less expensive and more economical than radial tires. Bias ply tires are made to fit all types of trailers and are generally used on light-duty utility trailers that require smaller tires. However, some models, such as agriculture and construction, are designed for larger trailers and heavy-duty applications.

Bias tires have a thicker sidewall, an essential consideration for heavy loads and rough terrain – as it helps prevent damage from punctures, scrapes, and impacts.

Top 5 Radial Tires

Since radial tires are a bit more of a financial investment, you’ll want to be sure you are picking the best for your trailer.

Here are the top five models on the market today.

1. Goodyear Endurance

Goodyear is one of the most trusted brand names in tires. They are known for producing high-quality products, and their Endurance Radial model is no exception. The company was founded in Ohio in 1898, and its tires are still made in the USA today. A top choice for NASCAR racing vehicles, Goodyear is also known for creating long-lasting tires for nearly every car on the road.

Goodyear Endurance

Goodyear’s Endurance line is one of the best-rated trailer tires. It features Durawall technology that makes the sidewalls highly wear and tear-resistant. These trailer tires are also designed to stay cooler during long drives, prolonging tread life. The Endurance model has polyester construction and traditional steel belts for extra towing power.

Giga Tires offers several sizes to fit a variety of trailers and has some of the highest trailer tire reviews among customers.

2. Carlisle Radial Trail RH

The Carlisle Company is a highly trusted manufacturing group that produces tires primarily for agricultural, trailer, and off-road vehicles. They have an excellent reputation for creating quality tires designed for hard work and rough trails – making their Radial Trail RH a tremendous all-around pick for your trailer.

Carlisle Radial Trail RH

The Carlisle Radial Trail’s tread pattern is unique because it is designed for even wear over the tire’s life. It is made with heat-resistant rubber and features a high-tensile belt to protect the sidewalls against punctures. This model is an excellent option for RVs and is one of the best trailer tires for heavy loads, such as boat or horse trailers.

The Carlisle Radial Trail is excellent for routine hauls and cross-country towing. They are designed to increase fuel efficiency while keeping road noise to a minimum for a smoother, quieter ride.

3. Triangle TR653 Trailer

The Triangle TR 653 is a durable, sturdy trailer tire for the toughest hauling jobs. What makes the Triangle TR 653 tire model unique is the optimized tread pattern for low rolling resistance and fuel savings,  combined with the rounded profile that enhances shock absorption and better handling with heavy loads.

Triangle TR653

This tire is also reinforced with dual steel belts for strength and stability. This model also comes at a lower price point, making it an affordable option for a high-quality radial tire pick.

4. Thunderer ST Radial R501

If you are looking for a good quality radial tire that won’t break the bank, the Thunderer ST Radial R501 will be your top pick. The Thunderer brand is known for offering top-performance tire models at a budget-friendly price. Thunderer Tire trailer tire manufacturers are based in Thailand, which keeps their costs low.

Thunderer ST Radial R501

All of their trailer tires meet US product performance and construction quality standards. The Thunderer ST Radial is specifically known for being a long-lasting trailer tire because of its 7 mm tread, which is thicker than the average model.

It is important to note that while the ST Radial is a good choice for multiple trailer applications, it is specially designed for free-rolling axles and will fit all LRC (load range C) or more significant sizes.

5. Freedom Hauler ST Radial

The Freedom Hauler ST Radial is another affordable option for multiple trailer uses, such as towing boats, livestock, or utility and small campers. The internal steel belts pair with polyester for enhanced strength and stability.

Freedom Hauler ST Radial

The nylon overlay adds a layer of durability and the ability to handle heavy loads. The improved shoulder design promotes even wear and quickly disperses heat build-up, further reducing wear. The optimized tread design and deep tread depth provide good traction on various surfaces and help ensure long, even wear. This tire is built to last and at a very affordable price.

Top 5 Bias Trailer Tires

A bias tire may be better if you use your towing trailers occasionally or for shorter trips. These tire models are best for things like a summer camper or short-distance towing, as they generate more heat and wear out faster than radial tires.

The benefit of a bias tire is that it comes in at a lower price and has better sidewall tear and puncture resistance, making it a more intelligent choice if it will be used on rocky roads, fields, or job sites where punctures are most common.

1. Power King Boat Trailer II

A bias tire is a smart option if you need tires for towing boats during the warmer months. The Power King Boat Trailer ll is an extra robust tire built to handle potholes and poor roads and still get you where you are going.

Power King Boat Trailer II - best trailer tires

The circumferential tread pattern with the sawtooth edges provides straight-line stability and keeps the tire rolling right behind your towing vehicle. Priced for any budget, it is worth your serious consideration.

2. Deestone D901-ST Trailer

The Deestone D901-ST Trailer is an economic all-around use, bias-ply trailer tire. The solid centre rib tread and surrounding ribs provide stability, stability behind the tow vehicle, and long tread life.

Deestone D901-ST Trailer

The outer shoulder ribs enhance traction, and the overlapping tread pattern helps provide extra grip in wet, muddy, or boggy conditions. The reinforced casings help handle the heaviest loads. Don’t let the low prices fool you; this tire is made to be durable and work hard for you.

3. Carlisle Sport Trail

Carlisle tires are always a wise choice because of their reputation for long-lasting durability. As one of the best-rated trailer tires, the Sport Trail tire model features a wraparound tread pattern for superior handling and added grip for harsher weather conditions like rain or mud.

Carlisle Sport Trail

The Sports Trail model comes in two sizes to fit multiple trailer purposes, such as hauling boats, stock trailers, or even larger construction and utility trailers.

4. Carlisle USA Trail

Carlisle’s USA Trail model is a bit more heavy-duty, making it an excellent choice for larger RVs and equipment trailers.

Carlisle USA Trail tire

Per the trailer tire reviews, the USA Trail model has high puncture resistance on the sidewalls to prevent flats and blowouts while keeping the tire more stable under heavy towing weights. The tread pattern is also designed for a uniform wear pattern that can prolong the tire’s life.

5. Nanco N699 Bias Trailer Low Profile

The Nanco N699 Bias Trailer Low Profile is built with enhanced durability to handle the heavy loads joint on low-platform trailers. Don’t let the low price fool you; this tire is a workhorse.

Nanco N699 Bias Trailer Low Profile Tires

So Radial or Bias?

As with any tire, each side will have pros and cons.

It is also important to remember that the best indicator of the correct type of tire is the one that comes fitted on the trailer from the factory. If you want extra tread life, you can replace a bias ply tire with a radial tire, but you should not replace radial tires with a bias ply, as it will lead to uneven tread wear. When in doubt, always consult the owner’s manual to see which type of tires your trailer recommends.

There are plenty of differences between Radial and Bias trailer models. The answer to choosing the suitable model lies in the frequency of use and towing purpose. If you need trailer tires for long-distance or everyday hauling, a Radial tire will likely be a better investment. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more economical choice for shorter trips, like a summer RV or boat trailer, then a Bias model will work well for your needs.

Check out Giga Tire’s inventory of the best-rated trailer tires. We carry multiple sizes and brands that fit almost any vehicle or budget.


Your trailer’s performance relies heavily on the tires it rolls on, and choosing the right ones is crucial. In this guide, we’ve highlighted the top 5 trailer tires, whether you prefer radial or bias ply options. Each tire brings its strengths, from durability to longevity. Make the best choice for your trailer today, and ensure a smooth and safe journey. Explore these top trailer tire options at Giga Tires and experience the difference quality trailer tires can make!

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What are the best trailer tires made?

Determining the best trailer tire brand can be subjective, as it often depends on factors like the specific application and trailer type. However, some renowned trailer tire brands known for quality include Goodyear, Carlisle, Maxxis, Michelin, and Bridgestone. When choosing the best trailer tires, it’s essential to consider factors such as load capacity, durability, and the terrain you’ll be towing on.

Which trailer tires last the longest?

The longevity of the best trailer tires depends on several factors, including tire quality, maintenance, and usage. Generally, well-maintained and high-quality trailer tires tend to last longer.

To maximize the lifespan of your best trailer tires, ensure they are correctly inflated, regularly inspected for damage, and stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. Choosing tires with a higher load rating than your trailer requires can also contribute to longer-lasting performance.

What tires do you use for a trailer?

The type of tires for a trailer primarily depends on the trailer’s intended use and load capacity. Common choices include trailer-specific tires, also known as ST (Special Trailer) tires, designed to withstand the unique demands of towing.

These tires are available in both radial and bias ply constructions. Radial trailer tires are known for their durability and smoother ride, while bias ply tires are robust and well-suited for heavy-duty applications. The choice between radial and bias ply depends on your towing preferences and trailer requirements.

What is the most common trailer tire?

ST (Special Trailer) tires are among the most common trailer tires used for various trailer types, including utility trailers, boat trailers, camper trailers, and more. These tires are designed to handle the unique demands of towing and typically come in radial and bias ply constructions. Radial trailer tires have gained popularity due to their durability and smoother ride characteristics, making them a common choice for various trailer applications.