A Buyer’s Guide to Valino Tires

A Buyer’s Guide to Valino Tires

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of racing a car and pushing its limits with high speeds and quick turns. It can create an adrenaline rush like no other. Having the ideal type of racing tires can make a tremendous difference in your performance – and every little detail about the tire’s design matters.

Racing tires are much different than your typical car or SUV tires. They must withstand fast acceleration and braking, while also supporting balanced handling and tight turns. Racing tires must be strong enough to withstand the high heat and friction of fast speeds on the track but are also soft enough for excellent traction. Having a better tire on your car is what could shave precious seconds off of your time.
Valino tires are designed for exceptional performance in all of these categories, making them a great option for racing vehicles.

Giga Tires is known for carrying a wide selection of all types of tire brands and models. We have recently added Valino tires to our catalog – so here’s everything you speedsters need to know about this fantastic racing tire brand.

The Valino Tires Brand

Valino tires are most well-known on the racetrack as some of the best tires for drifting. Professional drifting drivers have used Valino tires for years – and they have been on some of the winning cars for the D1 Lights, Word Time Attack Drift Challenge, and other events in Australia and Japan.

Valino Tires USA is a Japanese brand that specializes solely in designing race tires. They use the latest design technology to provide unmatched control and balance at high speeds. Many professional racing and drifting drivers swear by using Valino tires exclusively for their vehicles.

What makes Valino tires truly unique is the high grip rubber compound – which helps the tire stick to the track and maneuver with precision. They are also specially engineered to disperse heat evenly throughout the tread. This prevents the tire from wearing out unevenly and protects drivers from blow-outs on the track.

Valino Tires

All of their tires are ruthlessly tested to ensure a top-quality driving experience. Their latest designs were developed by closely monitoring racer’s performance and tweaking their designs until they found the ideal model.

Valino tires can be a game-changer on race day. They are the perfect option if you want outstanding driving performance and exceptional handling with your high-performance sports vehicle.

Popular Valino Tires at Giga

Valino tires are available in varying ranges of rubber hardness, depending on the type of racing or driving situation. Valino Tires USA has two models: Greeva and Pergea.

Valino Greeva Tires

Valino Greeva Tires
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Valino Greeva tires are designed to be incredibly long-lasting and can withstand lots of tread heat and wear. This model was designed for Team Orange on the Ebisu circuits for longer-distance races.

The Highlights:

  • The tread pattern is specially designed for consistent grip and evenly dispersing heat.
  • The tire compound prevents the tire from de-laminating, so the grip stays strong on both dry and wet tracks.
  • The semi-slick tread also lasts far longer than traditional tires, so even after hundreds of laps, these tires won’t have any uneven wear!
  • This can save you a lot of time in long-distance races.


Valino Pergea Tires

Valino Pergea Tires
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The Valino Pergea tire model is named for “Perfect Gear” – and it was created to be the strongest high grip drifting tire on the market. It has an innovative compound structure that is extremely strong and tough. The 11/32nd tread design also disperses water and heat for even wear and an improved grip.

The Highlights:

  • Available in 3 tread hardness styles
  • The Valino Pergea tires are great for long-distance racing.
  • Very durable and made for extreme conditions.
  • Thoroughly tested and perfected with prototype feedback from some of the most famous drifting racers.

Valino engineers closely inspected and compared performance data to create an all-around fantastic race tire with exceptional performance.

The Wrap

Valino tires are a fantastic option for those who want to reduce their times on race day. These are considered to be some of the best tires for drifting and are a top pick for high-performance race drivers.
If you would like to learn more about Valino tire models and need help finding the right size for your vehicle, reach out to Giga Tires. Our team of experts is on hand to provide any information you need to find the right model for your car.