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Bridgestone Potenza RE050A I RFT Tires

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The Bridgestone Potenza RE050A I RFT (Run-Flat Tire) is a top performance summer run-flat tire especially made for coupes and sedans equipped with BMW's sport package, 3 Series cabriolets and selected BMW Z4 vehicles. This tire provides extended mobility from 50 miles to 50 mph distance in the event that a puncture allows complete air pressure loss while supporting the vehicle with its Bridgestone Side Support Run-Flat technology augmented sidewalls feature. It has a combination of exceptional traction and predictable, responsive handling on wet and dry roads. It comes with continuous rib adjacent to the inboard shoulder for even wear and prevents inside wear. It has twin steel belts, reinforced with spiral wrapped nylon to provide enhanced tread stability, ride quality, high- speed capabilities, as well as handling stability. Reducing hydroplaning and helps wet traction due to its lateral tread and circumferential grooves that expels water under the tire's footprint , this tire is also built with continuous center rib, Stable outboard shoulder elements and intermediate tread blocks. It also features a high-grip tread compound shaped into an asymmetric tread design. As with all Summer run-flat tire, it is not designed to be driven in snow, ice or near freezing temperatures.

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