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Continental VikingContact 7 SSR (Runflat) Tires

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Continental VikingContact 7 SSR is a high-performance all-round winter tire designed by German technology and Runflat feature. It has a soft compound tread, so the tire can deliver a strong grip on snowy and icy roads, as well as perform in extremely low temperatures. SSR is a Runflat technology that allows the tire to resist the effect of deflation when punctured and gives an ability to automatically seal any holes in the tread if the diameter of them does not exceed 5 millimeters. VikingContact 7 SSR has a unique to other Continental winter tires v-shaped tread pattern, with the diamond-shaped blocks in the center. It helps with the rapid evacuation of slush and water from the contact patch. Multiple horizontal sipes in the tread blocks assist with additional grip and help to interlock with the surface by capturing the snow, which makes the tires stick to the ground and have better braking. VikingContact 7 SSR is M+S rated and has a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, meaning that it met all the safety requirements and has been approved to serve in severe snowy conditions.

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