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Delinte D8 Tires



Delinte Tires

The Delinte D8 tire is available in V-rated, W-rated tires, and Y-rated sizes for sporty SUVs and performance Crossovers. All sizes combine aggressive good looks with a civilized highway ride. The Delinte offers improved handling and cornering that discriminating SUV drivers demand thanks to its unique tread design that evacuates water and resists hydroplaning. It is also made with a special high silica compound for improved fuel economy and longer tire life. Compared to other cheap SUV tires, the Delinte has a larger contact patch with a tree-like central spine that is proven to be very effective at providing more grip, stability, high- speed controllability. The grip-enhancing tread is made of a high silica formula for shorter wet braking and responsive handling. Twin longitudinal grooves with 3-D groove walls evacuate water and resist hydroplaning. For a quiet ride, there are variable pitch patterns in the tread, with 2-in-1 alignment which helps to reduce noise levels at high speeds.

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