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Doral SDL-A
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The Doral SDL-A tire is an inexpensive all-season passenger car tire that has long tread-life, grip on dry and wet roads, and even traction on ice and snow. The long tread-life is thanks to a hard rubber compound that resists wear due to frequent starts and stops in the city, as well as good resistance to wear due to heat when operating at higher speeds on the open highway. The tread pattern resists hydro-planing and gives good wet traction because of the wide circumferential center groove and high void ratio of the tread blocks that allows water to evacuate quickly from the contact patch.

For a cheap tire, the Doral SDL-A tire delivers very good handling and value for the money. It has a tread pattern and performance attributes that are comparable to far higher priced brands of tires. Most importantly, this tire will provide long tread-life.  Remember to extend the life of your tires by checking your tire pressure at least once a month, and by rotating them at least twice a year. The correct air pressure for the tires on your vehicle can be found on the placard on the driver's side door post.

Doral, SDL-A

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