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Firestone TRACTION FIELD & ROAD R1 Tires

Firestone Tires

The Firestone Traction Field and Road R-1 tire is a farm tractor tire  designed with 23° tread bars, which is the optimal angle for maximum traction in the field and long wear on the road.

The Firestone Traction Field and Road R-1 is a bias-ply farm tire with flexible sidewall rubber compounds to reduce heat build up due to sidewall flexing, but with a tough tread rubber for snag resistance and long tread life. The tread features bar bracing between the lugs for more stability and less squirm on paved roads and on hard-pan between the fields. This economical agricultural tire also has a raised rubber lip in the bead area that protects the rim flange, which helps reduce flats and costly down-time. 

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