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Hankook Dynapro AT RF08 Tires

Hankook Tires

The Hankook DynaPRO AT RF08 tire is an all-season light truck tire for the highway and city streets. It has long mileage, good on-road traction and a quiet ride. It has some light all-terrain capabilities but is best suited on vehicles that rarely venture off pavement.  

The tread is made up of circumferential solid ribs that are heavily siped for lots of biting edges and wet traction.  The internal construction of the tire is 2 polyester plies and 1 steel belt that offers added protection against flats.  This is a very versatile, economically priced tire that will serve you well for many years with correct maintenance and frequent rotation.

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  • UTQG: 460BA
  • Mileage Warranty: 50K miles
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$ 134.46
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