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Nokian C Line Cargo Tires



Nokian C Line Cargo
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The Nokian C-line Cargo tire  is a long-lasting tire  made for heavy vehicles. It is extra durable and can withstand the punishment of delivery trucks.  

The Nokian C-line Cargo tire is a three season Light Truck tire that is exceptionally strong and long-lasting tire for commercial use.  It works very well in P&D city applications and has extra rubber to protect the sidewalls from curb damage.  It has a tread pattern optimized for long tread-life and fuel economy to help commercial operators and fleets keep their tire costs to a minimum.  

These are premium tires, so a little more upfront cost, but the extra miles that these tires last make Nokian Tires a sound investment. Even if you or your drivers venture into gravel lots and unpaved roads, the Nokian C-line Cargo tire has a highly cut resistant compound to resist chunking and chipping, and extra belts in the summit of the tire to protect against flats and stone drilling.

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