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Nokian ZLine A/S SUV Tires



Nokian ZLine A/S SUV
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The Nokian zLine A/S SUV tire is a premium all-season tire for excellent mileage, fuel saving benefits and high performance in all-season road conditions. This tire was designed specifically for North American roads and vehicles. It has an impressive array of features and benefits for people that want a secure ride and good handling for their SUV. 

The Nokian zLine A/S SUV tire is very responsive to steering inputs, which is an essential requirement for safe operation at high speeds on SUVs that typically high a higher center of gravity than touring cars.  The stiff outside shoulder stabilizes the rigid tread pattern on dry, wet or slushy roads. The contoured groove corners provide additional support during cornering and lane changes, which allows the Nokian zLine A/S SUV tire to maintain balanced road contact. The 3D siping actively binds the tread blocks together, improving the handling as well.

For long tread-life, Nokian added their patented Cooling Edge technology. This provides more efficient cooling of the tire in the areas that need it most. Safety in all seasons is thanks to a special tread rubber that stays pliable at all temperatures, as well as full depth transversal grooves that effectively remove water and slush from between the road surface and the tire. For comfort, Nokian added an extra layer of rubber under the tread, that helps to absorb the irregularities in the road surface for a much improved ride and driving experience for you and your family.

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