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Pirelli Ice Zero Fr Tires

Pirelli Tires

The Pirelli Ice Zero FR Winter Tire is a studless ice and snow  tire for sedans, minivans, sports cars, as well as some SUVs.

The Pirelli Ice Zero FR has a tread pattern the works great on ice and snow and fits a wide range of vehicles.  It has a directional tread pattern which gives superior traction and evacuates slush and water from under the tread to minimize sliding and hydroplaning.

The Pirelli Ice Zero FR has a tread that is heavily siped for lots of biting edges on snow covered roads and black ice conditions. The sipes are all 3D, so they interlock which helps to promote tread block stability for more responsive handling and improved tread wear. This tire also features a big tread footprint to give you more rubber on the road for improved grip and durability.,

The Pirelli Ice Zero FR tire has the mountain/snowflake symbol for severe snow service.

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