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Radar Dimax 4 Season Tires

Radar Tires

Radar Dimax 4 Season is an all-weather tire designed for year-round use for passenger cars and SUVs. This tire has a W (168mph) speed rating. It incorporates run-flat technology that resists deflation effect when punctured, so the vehicle can continue to be driven at lower speeds. It carries a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol and is approved for winter use. Dimax 4 Season performs well in snow, slush, rain, and show great results in dry conditions. This tire features Dual compound technology that keeps the tire flexible in hot summer and cold winter weather. Its asymmetric tread pattern and four circumferential grooves prevent aquaplaning on wet roads, while high-density lateral sipes offer excellent grip on wet, slushy, and snowy roads. This all-weather tire gives a sense of a quiet and comfortable drive, thanks to its optimized casing profile and pitch sequence.

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  • UTQG: 360AA
  • Mileage Warranty: 35K miles
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$ 117.62
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