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Achilles Tires

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How should you shop for the best Achilles tires? Browse our wide selection of tires and tire styles for the best prices and reviews. Here is some more information to consider when buying Achilles tires. Achilles Tires are not that well known in the U.S., but have a very loyal following of drivers that have experienced the quality and long tread-life that these tires deliver. All Achilles Tires are made in Indonesia. The Indonesian Tire plants are large, highly efficient and automated tire factories which means Achilles brand tires are made at a cheap price for high quality. Achilles tires makes all types of passenger tires and light truck tires for the North American market, but the best selling tire styles are the Achilles ATR Sport 2 for sports cars and Achilles Desert Hawk UHP for SUVs and street trucks. These tires get great reviews and have a reputation for durability, good sport handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.

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