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Best Deals on AMP Tires

AMP Tires specializes in all-terrain and mud-terrain tires with an emphasis on top quality traction and styling. Focusing their efforts on meeting the desires of the off-road enthusiast, AMP Tires produces three specialized tires; two all terrain tires with a mileage warranty and one mud terrain tire for the toughest off road conditions.  

Designing and manufacturing tires for light trucks only, means AMP tires has rubber formulas and tread patterns for the unique challenges of tires that need to perform both on and off the highway. In addition to being extra durable, the tires look great with the aggressive tire aesthetics that off-road enthusiasts love for their trucks, SUV’s and Jeeps. From the long lasting (60,000 mile/100,000 km warranty), AT/P Terrain Pro for mixed use, to the M/T A Terrain Attack for deep mud and rocky trails, AMP has you covered no matter how you use your truck or where you travel.

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