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Armstrong Tru-Trac HT

Armstrong Tru-Trac HT is an all-season highway terrain tire made for SUV’s crossovers, and light trucks. Its specially engineered tread design provides greater towing ability on the highways, offering stability and strength. A noise-blocking bar on the tire shoulders delays premature wear and reduces the road sound that is generated by road traction. Tru-Trac HT’s continuous open lateral channels increase tire grip under skidding conditions, while four circumferential grooves help to effectively evacuate water and slush away from the tire’s tread and provide enhanced safety by reducing the chances of hydroplaning. With the construction design and optimized curved tread profile, Armstrong Tru-Trac HT increases rigidity and stiffness and help with rolling resistance reduction for additional safety.

Armstrong, Tru-Trac HT Tires

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