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Best Prices on  Bridgestone Potenza RE070R RFT

Bridgestone Potenza RE070R RFT
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Designed exclusively for all-wheel drive Nissan GT-R Super Sports Car, the Potenza RE070R RFT by Bridgestone combines athletic capabilities on the street with extreme dry performance on the race track and temporary extended mobility for a distance of 50 miles at speed up to 50 mph even a complete air pressure loss due to puncture. Faring to all summer tires, the Potenza RE070R RFT is not apt for near-freezing temperature driving. On top of it, it boasts high-grip tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread, marrying handling and traction.

Irregular wear that can occur during hard cornering is also reduced with its increased lateral stiffness. Its semi-slick outboard shoulder blocks and the series of inboard ribs enhances responsiveness.

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