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Car & CUV Winter/Snow Tires

How to shop for the best winter tires? Browse our wide selection of winter tires / snow tires for the best tire prices and tire reviews. Here is more information on what to consider when buying winter tires online.

Traction on Snow, Ice and Cold, Dry roads - Driving in extreme winter weather is when you most appreciate the benefits of new tires. The tread of the tire is what gives you traction in loose snow, and the sipes (or cuts in the tread blocks) in “snow tires”, or winter tires as they are more accurately called, is what gives you better traction on ice. The open channels that are characteristic of snow tire treads help to evacuate water and slush from under the tread. The tread rubber of winter tires is specially formulated to stay softer at colder temperatures than summer tires or even all-season tires. This means winter tires will give you much more grip on cold, dry roads as well. All snow tires are M+S rated, and some carry the Mountain Snowflake Certification stamp on the side of the tire which is additional assurance that the tires will perform well in harsh winter driving conditions. If you live in a part of the country that experiences cold weather, with or without frequent snowfall, a set of Winter Tires is likely an excellent option for added winter driving security and confidence on ice and cold winter roads.

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