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Run Flat Truck & SUV Tires

How to shop for the best Run Flat Truck tires? Browse our huge selection of run flat tires for SUVs and trucks. You will find the lowest prices and the most tire reviews anywhere online. Here is more information on what to consider when buying run flat tires for your pickup truck or SUV.

Extended Mobility in the event of Air Loss – Many SUVs and some trucks come with tires that are designed to operate for short distances without any air pressure. In combination with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), a run run-flat tire can save you from being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Run Flat tires can be called ZP tires (Zero Pressure Tires) or SSS tires (tires with a Self-Supporting Structure). Regardless of the name, Run flat truck tires or Run flat SUV tires all have a thicker sidewall than a traditional tire. Each manufacturer has recommendations for how long and at what speed you can drive after the TPMS notifies you of the air loss. A rough rule of thumb is no more than 50 miles at 50 mph. For many of the tires listed in this section, the style of tire will have a run flat version and a standard, non-run flat version. While most run flat tires can be mounted on the same wheel as one designed for standard tires, you should never install a run flat tire on a wheel without a functioning TPMS devise in place.

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