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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro
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The Cooper Discoverer STT PRO tire is the most advanced extreme off-road tire to handle harsh terrain and look great on any jeep or pickup truck. The 3-ply ARMOR-Tek3 carcass delivers 50% more protection against impact damage than the standard 2-ply LT tire. The tread pattern features an alternating 3-2 block pattern that has proven to deliver off-road grip in all types of terrain, while still provide decent on road performance, even in winter climates. The center siping on the massive tread blocks, which are rarely seen on aggressive M/T tread patterns, help to provide grip on snow and ice covered roads.

If you are a hard core off-road enthusiasts, the Cooper Discoverer STT PRO tire won't disappoint. The specially designed side biters on the shoulder of the sidewall further enhance traction and grip to pull through deep mud, and the shoulder tread lugs are scalloped to insure there is always contact with the ground for enhanced traction in soft and loose terrain like sand and gravel. This is simply one of the best looking M/T tires, and one of the most balanced tires for performance across mixed off-road terrains, that we have seen in recent years. A good looking tire that is built in America by tire experts, is worthy of consideration.

Cooper, Discoverer STT Pro

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