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Firestone Destination A/T Tires

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The Firestone Destination A/T tire is Firestone's most balanced and complete solution for on-/off-road since it has all terrain traction, long mileage, quiet ride and good on-road handling.  Unlike some other tires, this tire does not compromise one set of performance attributes for another.

For off-road tracton, the tread pattern has a continuous center rib and wide open shoulders, coupled with massive tread blocks. The rubber is extra hard to resist chipping on abrasive terrains like rock and gravel. On the highway, the tire rides smoothly thanks to Firestone's Computer Optimized Component System. This technology maximizes performance by optimizing the appropriate combination of tread design, casing shape, materials, and construction. Year round traction and long tread-life is thanks to Firestone's Long Link Carbon that gives traction on the pavement in any weather condition, while still having the ability to tear into gravel while traveling off-road. The sipes and notches in the tread give extra wet grip. The tire's internal structure has 2 steel cord belts with a polyester cord body to deliver extremely high tensile strength. The over-the-shoulder tread block design offers great highway stability, and decreases the amount of wear, providing you with a high-performance tire that will last, both on-road, and in all-terrain.

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    5.0/5 (9 reviews)

    • UTQG: 520AB
    • Mileage Warranty: 50K miles
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    $ 154.76
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