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Firestone Destination X/T Tires

Firestone Destination X/T
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Destination X/T is Firestone's all terrain light truck and SUV tire built for dependable off-road traction, on-road civility, light snow traction, and heavy-duty toughness that lasts. Its TractionTech Package features interlocking sipes that maintain stiffness in the independent tread blocks for stability, longevity, and consistent traction throughout the tire's life. High void ratio and open shoulders help to evacuate water from the tire's footprint, which prevents hydroplaning of the vehicle. Firestone Destination X/T's aggressive off-shoulder tread design creates the biting edges for better control and grip in loose and varied terrain. The high lateral edge density and the interlocking lug design provide snow traction, while block wall ridges grab onto snow, therefore enhancing the grip. The tire uses a two-ply polyester cord casing, supporting two high-tensile steel belts, and the nylon reinforcement ply aids durability and provides higher speed capability. Firestone Destination X/T bears 3-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, which means it has been approved for driving in the winter.

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