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Freestar FS-500 AST Tires

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Freestar FS-500 AST is a touring all-season tire made for trailers. Its ribbed tread design featured solid center rib and the closed shoulder pattern that helps to maintain the tire’s road contact at all times. It improves the steering responsiveness and overall driving stability. FS-500 AST’s internal construction features a heavy-duty ply construction that keeps the tire’s shape, preventing it from deformation. With that, this Freestar trailer tire is able to easily carry heavy loads, promoting secure capability. Its wide circumferential zig-zag grooves help to evacuate water and slush away from tire’s tread and resist hydroplaning, while notched ribs firmly grip the road surface in dry, wet and winter weather. Freestar FS-500 AST’s grooves also enhanced with stone ejectors that prevent the rocks being stuck between the tread elements.

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