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Best Prices on  Landsail CLX11 Roadblazer H/T

Landsail CLX11 Roadblazer H/T

Landsail CLX11 Roadblazer H/T is an all-season terrain tire made for passenger SUV and light truck vehicles. The tire designed for highway applications and has a long treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles. Its long and continuous center rib maintains straight driving stability and enhanced braking performance. The closed shoulder design limits the noise of the tire and guarantees a quieter, more enjoyable drive, while optimal middle pattern improves stability in any weather conditions. Landsail’s longitudinal grooves were designed for better water evacuation, faster braking, and improved acceleration on wet surfaces. Multiple siping along the tread bite into the surface, creating a better grip with the terrain.

Landsail, CLX11 Roadblazer H/T

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