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Mastercraft Avenger M8
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Mastercraft Avenger M8 is a high-performance all-season tire by Cooper, made for premium sedans and coupes. It is a W-rated tire, so it can safely drive at the speed of 165+ mph. This tire has a 40,000-mile tread wear warranty. The noise sealing tread design offers a quiet, smooth drive for a vehicle in wet or dry weather. Avenger M8 noise sealing rib technology acts as a buffer to minimize vibrations and cancels the road noise, so the passengers enjoy the experience of a comfortable drive. A Wide Dual Center Rib tread technology on Mastercraft M8 provides stable driving and precise steering response. The “Elastic Bead” Sidewall Construction material offers a softer ride by absorbing vibration and making a drive on uneven surfaces smoother. Seven circumferential grooves make this Mastercraft Avenger tire great wet traction tire as they allow faster water drainage, saving a vehicle from hydroplaning.

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