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Michelin Primacy LTX Tires



Michelin Tires

Michelin Primacy LTX is an all-season fuel-efficient light truck tires ideal for extended highway driving. It is branded with the M+S symbol and can also be used on crossovers, trucks, pickups, and minivans. Evergrip technology design allows the tire to maintain its high level of traction even when worn. The sunflower oil added in the tire compound allows the tire to be flexible at low temperatures and ensures a firm grip even on rough surfaces, while the extreme amounts of silica in the tire compound provides excellent wet grip. Expanding and circumferential grooves are exceptional in this tire. Not only they are able to efficiently funnel water away from the tire surface, but they also have an ability to expand as the tire wears, which help to maintain traction in wet conditions. Michelin Comfort Control Technology uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to offer greatly reduced vibrations and road noise.

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  • Mileage Warranty: 55K miles
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$ 219.74
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