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OTR HP 009 Tires



OTR HP 009
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The OTR HP 009 tire is designed to give ultimate performance for side by side racers and recreational riders. The tire offers the perfect balance of traction, steering response, and mud cleaning. Shoulder lugs protect the tires sidewall and rim. Directional tread pattern with deep lugs excels in loose to intermediate terrains and is available with OTR Flat-Proofing TyrLyner®. This is a permanent, self-healing polyurethane rubber that is securely adhered to the inside of the tire casing. TyrLyner® heals over cuts, punctures and penetrating objects, and will prevent tires from going flat if punctured or cut by objects up to 3/8-inch in diameter. TyrLyner® offers sidewall protection as well as protection for the tread face area of the tire. The patented process allows the liner to immediately close over the zone of penetration and completely fuse, thus preventing loss of air pressure.

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