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Patriot Tires

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Looking for the best Patriot tire deals? Check out our selection of Patriot tires, and buy online for the best prices shipped direct to your door. Important information to consider when buying Patriot tires is they are a new company that tries to keep every facet of their business in the U.S. (design, testing, marketing, customer service, legal, quality assurance, distribution, and sales). The only part of the Patriot brand that is not U.S. based, is the manufacturing which is done an American owned factory in Taiwan. They only use rubber from Malaysia and Thailand in the Patriot brand tires. From a product durabilty and performance standpoint, Patriot brand tires are All American in that they can stand up to the harsh demands of U.S. roads and trails. The tires that are designed for off-road conditions are tough and rugged. The car tires and SUV, and LT tires designed for the highway and city streets can be relied on for consistent traction and safety in all weather conditions. For extra piece-of-mind, all Patriot tires are backed by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty against defects and materials.

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