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Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Tires



Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus
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The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus is a tire made for ultra-high performance and all seasons. This tire features better performance on the road especially when cornering, braking and driving on slippery or wet roads. This offers versatility, outstanding control and smooth comfort for driving. This tire is made with the most advanced materials and high tech production process. This is a replacement tire that gives superb performance in all weather or driving conditions. In addition, this features advanced handling and traction. 

The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus has a variable tension control nylon belt that helps keep the tires shape. This gives great tread wear, better steering control and high levels of comfort. This has outer blocks with lateral sipping for improved traction and stability. This optimizes cornering performance and traction on dry surface while improving resistance to aquaplaning. On the other hand, the inner block has winter sipping technology and larger grooves between blocks. This helps in tread pattern stability, outstanding snow traction and dispersal of snow and water. This has circumferential grooves for faster water dispersion improving the control and safety and resistance against aquaplaning. This also promotes lesser noise inside the vehicle with its variable size tread elements with specific pitch sequence.

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