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Pirelli P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico 2 Tires



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The Pirelli P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico 2 is an ultra high performance DOT approved summer tire for super cars, that can be used on the track. 

It can go in all four positions on a vehicle, but is often seen as the rear tire in the P Zero Corsa Streetable Track & Competition tire set up for  high-powered, super sports cars.  On these staggered set ups, it is paired with the Pirelli P Zero Corsa Directiozale tire on the front.

The Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires are primarily for extreme road use, as well as track use.  The tires come Original Equipment for the road versions of Ferrari 360 Challenge, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche GT2 & GT3 cars.    The Pirelli P Zero Corsa System was designed to maximize a car's performance to satisfy even the most demanding driver in terms of dry handling and braking without abandoning wet traction and noise comfort. The P Zero Corsa System radials meet DOT requirements, however they are not recommended for driving in wet conditions where standing water is present and there is the risk of hydroplaning; drivers should drive cautiously at reduced speeds if they encounter these conditions.

The P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico 2 tread design is inspired by Pirelli's P Zero Max Performance Summer tire and features a semi-slick, low void ratio and a large external shoulder structure. The P Zero Corsa System Asimmetrico 2's asymmetric tread design allows it to be used on both left and right sides of the vehicle. The tire's internal structure includes highly flexible steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon to enhance cornering stability and provide high-speed capability while reducing weight.

NOTE:  P Zero Corsa Direzionale tires only be used on the front axles of mid- and rear-engine cars.  The P Zero Corsa System Asimmetrico and Asimmetrico 2 tires can also be used on all four wheel positions.

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