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Radar Renegade R7 Tires

Radar Renegade R7
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The Radar Renegade R7 M/T tire is for off-road enthusiasts who want to enhance the look of their truck or jeep and get traction in mud and grip on rocks.  It also delivers traction in dirt, soft sand traction and snow grip. This advanced tire was born of race tire development preparing for, and competing in off-road motorsports like SCORE racing and BAJA 1000. One of the unique features of this tire is the BAJA race inspired Stone-Ejector-Technology. The tires come with a raised nub between the tread blocks that actively deform when the tire is rotating, opening, closing and then releasing as the tire goes through the contact patch. This action helps to eject the stones out of the tread pattern. Another very compelling feature, not found very often in cheap tires, is an extra layer of material in the sidewall for 10 ply strength in most sizes.  This feature reduces the risk of punctures in the sidewall and tread areas.  For cool looks and practical function, the tire also has upper shoulder side-biters, as well. They have a functional purpose of delivering added traction in loose surface conditions and also provide a rugged aesthetic that truck owners love when mall-crawling or on the trails!

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