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Travelstar All Steel Tires

Travelstar Tires

The Travelstar All Steel is for drivers looking for premium radial tires for their trailers. Not to be mounted on light trucks, this highway terrain, all-season tire ensures optimal dry, wet, and winter traction. With enhanced controllability, temperature flexibility, precise steering response, and load durability, the Travelstar All Steel is your ideal tire for the long run.

Discover why the Travelstar All Steel is an excellent choice for your trailer!

Best suited for: Trailers

Tire Benefits & Features:

  • All-season trailer tire for optimal performance in various weather conditions.
  • Tread design with built-in biting edges ensures excellent traction.
  • Symmetric ribbed design ensures precise steering response, even road contact, and stability even at high speeds.
  • Tire structure maintains ideal tire shape even under heavy loads.

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