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Zenna MP-860 Tires

Zenna Tires

The Zenna MP-860 is for drivers looking for a suitable all-position tire for their commercial trucks!

This Zenna truck tire is to be mounted on all axle positions. It features excellent traction and optimal performance in dry, wet, and winter weather. Made to withstand heavy-duty cargo, its tread compound and design ensure irregular wear resistance, even road contact, precise steering response, chip and cut resistance for even wear, and longer tread life.

Discover why the Zenna MP-860  is an excellent choice for your trucks!

Tire Benefits & Features:

  • Advanced silica tread compound ensures optimal performance on the highway.
  • Deep zig-zag grooves ensure efficient funneling of water and removal of excess debris.
  • Etched sipes offer excellent water traction and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Robust shoulder design ensures overall tire protection from curbs and unexpected road hazards.

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