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Best Prices on  Continental WinterContact TS 830P

Continental WinterContact TS 830P
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The Continental WinterContact TS 830P tire is designed to provide exceptional snow traction and safety for high-performance vehicles in winter conditions.

This tire also has an excellent and improved stopping performance on snow due to the large number of blocks on the tire shoulders with more biting edges to ensure that this tire will effectively cut into snow while creating optimum grip.

The Continental WinterContact TS 830P also provides greater mileage performance due to an even distribution of block stiffness and pressure in the ground contact patch making this tire a lower and more even wear tire. It has a low rolling resistance and shorter wet braking distance on wet road. Providing an excellent braking power on icy, wet and snowy roads because of its high block rigidity in the tread pattern centre incorporated with a large number of sipes, Continental Wintercontact TS 830P tire is also designed to work in harmony with its driving safety systems and electronic stability control (ESC) systems which controls a braking intervention selectively on one wheel to stabilize the vehicle while it optimized the ESC effect and guarantees the braking effect of the tire due to its one of a kind tread design.

Continental, WinterContact TS 830P

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